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CSR Activities on covid-19 pandemic spread

As we all know,not only India, even more developed countries in Europe and American continents have plunged into darkness, despair and heavy loss of human lives due to the deadly corona virus.

Fight against covid-19 virus outbreak

Ever since the Indian PM ordered a nationwide lock down we have been extending our fullest support to the state and central government’s initiatives to contain, cure and safeguard the people. We will continue the activities till the virus menace is driven out of our country.

We started by spreading the awareness and educating all our company employees about the symptoms, illness, precautions and healthy practices for them and their family.

Our CSR Activities

Ambulance service

On call Ambulance and nursing services are readily available and have been freely servicing the 12 villages with 3000 households and 10,000 population, ever since lock down began.

Routine health check up

Routine health check ups to evaluate the physical and mental well being of all workers, employees and the local public are carried out by our doctors ,Nurses and Lab technecians

Provision of sanitizers

Hand sanitizers (In house produced alcohol based) and soaps are provided and regularly replenished to all our workers and family members.

Shelter & Water

RO filtered ,UV and Ozonated Purified water is being provided to all our workers,migrant workers as well as nearby villagers. Proper shelter with 24 hours power, running water, laundry facilities and clean bathrooms & toilets are ensured for all migrant workers.

“The secret of crisis management is not in Good vs Bad., It is preventing the bad from getting worse. ”
– Andy Gilman

Provision of masks

3 ply masks are provided free of cost to the workers, family members and local public. Masks are also distributed to the Police, Health center workers, Sanitation workers and other government agencies.

Rice and Groceries

Since the lock down start, ,We have donated Rice, Dhal, Oil and grocery items to more than 5000 local villagers,homeless poor and workers families.

Healthy Food to all

Hygienic, balanced diet along with healthy side dish cooked at our in-house facilities are being provided to ~ 1000 people on daily basis FREEof cost to the workers and needy local people..

And Many More like

  • Awareness on social distancing is imparted to all our staff, workers and their family members.
  • Separate quarantine rooms are maintained to meet any contingency.
  • Entertainments like TV, Movie and Games are organized for the mental refreshment.
  • Social distancing and personal hygiene are vigorously followed and promoted.