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Organic apparel brands carving a niche in India

Organic clothing is not just the flavour of the affluent class but it is for everyone who understands the importance of sustainability. To protect ourselves from the impacts of chemicals, we need to either become chemically immune or just go organic. Since the former is just a pipe dream, a few apparel brands who have taken the responsibility of keeping the earth green have chosen to manufacture eco-friendly clothing.


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Will the White Wedding Dress Tradition continue?

Did you know that the white wedding dress as a symbol of the bride’s chastity and purity is barely 100 years old? Reviewing the history of the wedding dress may help you decide which side you are on.  While we do so, let’s get inspired by gorgeous white wedding dress designs and non-white but equally divine ones! ?


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Cotton Textiles in clothing


Cotton textiles are used in the making of many garments.

Lightweight cotton is used in a large number of Summer clothes, like t-shirts, polo-shirts, trousers, but some types of heavier cotton (corduroy, for instance)  are used in winter trousers or suits.

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How denim is made

Discover How Denim Is Woven and Learn About the 3 Key Inventions That Have Revolutionised Weaving


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