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Water proof Denim Jackets with breathability

Water proof jackets are used as outer wear to protect the wearer from rain or other liquid penetration during the rainy/cold season.

What is water proof denim jacket?

Water proof jackets are used as outer wear to protect the wearer from rain or other liquid penetration during the rainy/cold season. Generally, water proof jackets are made from polyester and its blend with viscose, nylon and cotton etc., by considering its strength and hydrophobic properties. Even though the strength parameters of these poly blended fabrics are higher side, these are not wearer comfort due to its less absorption & moisture transport properties. Moreover, these poly and its blended water proof jackets are non biodegradable.

During the heavy rain, these jackets will repel water but the wearer will feel uncomfort due to its less absorbing nature and condensate of heat emitting from the body.

To overcome the above said issues, KGDL has developed this new denim jackets with water proof properties and breathability.

Why water proof denim jackets are important?

Denim fabrics are a good choice for water proof jackets when compared to conventional fabrics made with polyester and its blend.

Denim is a strong, durable fabric constructed in a twill weave with indigo and white yarns.  Denim is traditionally woven with 100%-cotton yarn and hence it is more wearer comfort with high absorbency and keeps the wearer cool.

Denim jackets are incredibly strong. We an pull and tug on them with our muscle without causing any visible damage. This makes denim jackets a smart financial investment, as they offer countless years of use. Just remember to choose a jacket that’s made of 100% genuine denim to take advantage of this textile’s superior strength and durability.

Generally, for denim manufacturing much thicker yarn with tighter weave is used which makes it more durable, but less breathable. The tighter a weave, the more dense the fabric, and the less breathable it is.

How are they different from conventional products?

The water repellent property of denim fabric/jackets are more durable due to its heavy construction and keeps the wearer ever fresh . Since it is 100% cotton fabric, keeps the wearer very cool and comfort. This denim jackets are biodegradable and recyclable. Since it is special yarn dyed, its gradual wash down and thus its contrast effect are special character of this fabrics. The denim jackets are easy to clean. Most denim jackets are washing machine-friendly, meaning we can clean them in the washing machine without fear of it damaging them.

In addition to being easy to clean, denim jackets require little or no maintenance. When your jacket gets dirty, you can either wash or spot clean it, the latter of which is preferred.

It’s also worth mentioning that denim jackets are resistant to wrinkles. Like jeans, they typically don’t develop wrinkles, especially when properly cared for.

What is new invention ?

To make this denim jackets as high liquid barrier with more breathable and  wearer comfort, we have introduced the following new technologies in the conventional denim fabric manufacturing process.

Generally, in the denim weave and construction, the undyed weft yarn forms a layer at inner side of fabric. Hence, we have used special yarn with moisture management property in weft and hence it absorbs the moisture/water quickly from the skin and evaporate it .

The fabric thus produced is de-sized and washed well and treated for liquid barrier effect in the following  two methodologies.

(a) The outer layer is coated with breathable water proof chemicals which will repel any liquid/ water/rain simultaneously it will act as breathable.

(b)  The outer layer is laminated with high end breathable thin membranes which will act as liquid barrier with good breathability.

Testing and Certification

The fabrics for water proof outerwear  are tested for hydrostatic head pressure for  water repellent effect as per ISO811 and Moisture Vapour Transmission Rating (MVTR) for breathability as per the test method ASTM E 96/E96M-16 and its results found good.