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Circumference fabrics

Medical Barrier fabrics for Health Care workers

Treatments, Ingredient & Technology employed to meet medical protection level & US CDC guidelines as defined in ANSI/AAMI PB 70 standards

KG Denim Circumference fabrics (TM) is INDIA’S FIRST woven reusable coverall medical Barrier fabric

ANSI/AAMI PB 70 standard protection level

KG Denim Circumference fabrics (TM) medical protection level meets ANSI/AAMI PB 70 standards


Typical environment for use:  Arterial blood draw, IV insertion, Emergency room, Trauma

Used at moderate risk situations
Provides a barrier to larger amounts of liquid penetration and more liquid penetration than
level 2 requirement
Subjected to two tests, viz impact penetration and hydro static pressure resistance
anti microbial technology

Typical environment for use:  Blood draw from a vein, Suturing, ICU, Pathology lab

Used at low risk situations
Provides moderate barrier to larger amount of liquid penetration
Normally subjected to two tests for assessing the impact penetration and hydro static pressure

Typical environment for use:  Basic Care, Standard Hospital Medical Unit

Used at minimal risk situations.
Provides slight barrier to small amount of liquid penetration
When tested for impact penetration critical zone components must have
a blotter weight gain of no more than 4,5 gms

Antimicrobial Treatment & Technology

  • Technology that is epa registered, eu reach compliant, eu bpr approved & okeo-tex registered
  • Aqueous zinc pyrithione base helps in killing the microbial germs andbad odour, keeps freshness
  • Resistant to repeated washes with chlorox base products resulting in durable comfort product
  • Can be used at all general purpose medical wear & products


  • Adds an effective barrier to liquid penetration with anti microbial treated fabrics with added anti strain properties.
  • Enables strong resistance to MRSA (methichillin resitant staphlococcus aureus) and  to many other bacteria.
  • Inhibits growth of microbes, enhances anti fungal, anti bacterial properties
  • Gives the fabric Anti Stain finish

Reusable coverall medical fabris

Reusable coveralls not only cost less than their disposable counterparts, a recently published study confirms they are the most sustainable option.

There are several direct benefits in reusable coverall fabrics. In terms of energy reduction, selecting reusable coveralls provides:

  • 34% improvement in process energy and a resultant reduction in environmental impacts
  • 27% improvement in carbon footprint (measured as carbon dioxide equivalents)
  • 73% lower water use than required for disposable coveralls, because water used for processing is returned to stream quality via wastewater treatment
  • 93% reduction in waste cost

These proves that selecting reusable coveralls for use  provides quality service to the employees, the manufacturing process and the overall facility management with a significantly lower environmental footprint.

Medical Barrier Fabrics  conforming to Level 4 Synthetic Blood Penetration Test (ASTM F 1670/F 1670M-08 (2014) standards  can be provided on demand at specific requirements.